Education Ministry plans to implement FYUP in Central Universities

Four Year Undergraduate Programs are likely to be implemented in central universities


The Education Ministry is planning to implement FYUP in all Central Universities. This program will go with the current courses in the universities. According to the information, these four year integrated programs will be implemented in 45 central universities in India. FYUP is in connection with  new NEP ( National Education Policy). UGC has began discussions with VCs of central universities regarding the implementation of FYUP. It is also informed that FYUP is different from the 4 year graduation course implemented in 2013. This course also comes with the opportunity of multiple entries and exits. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan informed the VCs of central universities that ” you have autonomy on how to do this. It is up to you how you will roll it out. By next year, everyone should decide  their won process on this subject”.

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