NEET SS 2021 will happen as per old pattern.


The NEET 2021 examination will follow the same format as before.

The Supreme Court was informed on Wednesday that the new examination pattern will only be in effect from 2020 to 2023. This year’s NEET examination will take place in the same manner as in previous years.

The decision has been made for the greater good of the revised NEET SS examination to begin in 2022.

As soon as the news of the changes in exam pattern became public, a large number of students signed a petition stating that they had already begun preparing for the old exam pattern.

According to the government, the exam can be extended until January 2022.

On Tuesday, the bench heard all of the information and stated that this was done solely to fill vacancies.

According to the Supreme Court, the plan to rush exams this year gives the impression that medical education has just become a business in this country.

The court then suggested that the changes for the examination next year be made to allow candidates who are applying for the examination enough time.

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