Digital niche, super niche skills demand surge since April-June


According to a survey, demand for personnel with digital niche and super specialty skills has increased since the April-June quarter, owing to expansion in the digital economy, which has been fueled primarily by banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) business. Demand for talent with digital niche and super niche skills such as Full-Stack, React JS, Android, Angular JS, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, Cyber Security, and others has increased since last quarter, according to data from business solutions provider Quess, as technology transformations have become a top priority for organizations.

Additionally, talent demand has increased in gaming (Unity Developers), DevOps (Bamboo, Jira), and platforms (Salesforce, SAP HANA), according to the report.

The report’s data comes from an algorithm built within the company’s application tracking system, which compares October-March 2020-2021 to March-August 2021 and maps and connects candidates to vacancies.

When looking at the overall need for the top 5 skills in tier I cities, the survey found that Bengaluru had the highest demand (40%), followed by Hyderabad (18%) and Pune (13%). (18 percent).

According to the report, Bengaluru has a high need for Cloud Tech Developers (41%), React JS Developers (44%), and Android Developers (81%), among other skills.

Demand for Full Stack Developers was virtually equal in Bangalore (42%), Hyderabad (37%), and Chennai (16%). In comparison, demand for Angular JS Developers was evenly spread in Hyderabad (25%), Bengaluru (21%), Gurugram (21%), Chennai (16%), and Pune (13%), according to the report.

These changes are most evident in the evolving landscape of India Inc, where additional global capability centers are being established around the country, as well as existing enterprises expanding into tier II and III cities, he said.

Companies are looking outside Indian borders to hire in other APAC nations such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, he observed, as the demand for hidden talent grows.

“While these macro factors provide wind in the industry’s sails, a significant shift can also be seen at the micro-level, in most board rooms, where ‘workforce skilling, “resource management,’ and ‘automated talent acquisition processes’ are the new buzz words driving change and steering new business agendas,” says the author.

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