MCM Strike- Day 2


Submitted by Gunika on Tue, 2006-08-29 23:34.

The day 2 of MCM strike saw support from all the Chandigarh colleges. Dressed in black and shouting ‘We Want Justice’ from all nooks and corners was the site today outside the college.

Hundreds of students from Khalsa, SD, DAV-10 and GCG gathered in front of the gates at 8:30 in the morning. Not only this, SOPU and PUSU have too joined hands with MCM and are supporting them in their mission-Justice.

PU’s president verbalized with Mrs. Puneet Bedi, the principal of the college. She still refuses to accept the terms and conditions agitated by the students. Even the two teachers, who had slapped the innocent girl, are freezing off the accusations against them.

Allowing the usage of cell phones, taking back Shivani in the college and an apology from the two teachers in front of the media is what the students are demanding and will continue to strike unless these demands are met.

The principal refused to meet any of these demands today, so the students have decided to cumulate tomorrow at 8:30 again. The dress code for day three will be pink.

Students from all other colleges as well as the supporters of PUSU and SOPU will be seen fighting against injustice and the strike will continue till WE GET JUSTICE.

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