Some ground rules for GenXians..


Submitted by netceo-in on Fri, 2006-08-18 08:19.

Hi GenXians,

For last few days we have been seeing some activity which is not at all encouraged here, so we thought we’d make some ground rules to be followed by one and all to keep GenX a nice place.

1. No “ctrl+c, ctrl+v”; Means no copy/paste. Copying content from other sites is strictly a no no. Member found doing it can be barred from the site.

2. No Miles Miles; Posting for the sake of earning miles is also not allowed. Write if you can add value. Don’t write just to add those miles to your kitty. If you are not doing any good to GenXians, you don’t deserve those miles.

3.No One liners; Be it anything, forum, blog or a college review, try to put in some valuable information into it instead of saying its good or bad. The reader should be able to get some extra information that he doesn’t know. Why should one join this college, and why not. GenXcampus has been conceptualised to help GenX. Let’s do that.

I think this should be enough for now. we’d come up with more of these as we grow further and bigger. As of now, no member is being punished, and only their postings have been removed. Miles will also reflect the same. To those whose postings have been removed, i’d say write some genuine stuff. So that people know more of you and who you are.


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