Schools in Maharashtra will start offline classes from December 1

Offline classes will begin for call classes in the state


Offline classes in Maharashtra will begin on December 1. The decision regarding reopening was taken in the cabinet meeting. Classes 1 to 7 will be reopened in the urban areas while in rural areas, classes 1 to 4 will be reopened.

Strict COVID 19 protocols will be followed for the reopening. Classes 8 to 12 have already been reopened earlier in October in the state. In rural areas, classes 5 to 12 have already started the offline classes.

“After discussing with the Chief Minister, the cabinet ,and pediatric task force, the state cabinet has decided to re-open schools from Std 1st to 4th in rural areas and Std 1st to 7th in urban areas from the 1st of December. We are committed to the safe resumption of schools,” The official Twitter statement of state Education Minister Varsha Eknath Gaikwad.

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